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Rio Celeste Waterfall

This is the waterfall at Rio Celeste, a river in Costa Rica’s Tenorio Volcano National Park. The water is actually this dazzling blue color because of volcanic minerals below the surface– it’s the real-life version of an effect usually only achieved with photo editing software.

rio celeste tenorio

rio celeste tenorio

To get to the waterfall, you’ll hike about an hour through a tropical rainforestexploding with white-faced monkeys,…

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Posted on Tuesday, April 15th 2014

Why You Should Only Work 40 Hours A Week

Why You Should Only Work 40 Hours A Week

In 1938, President Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act in an attempt to end what he called “starvation wages and intolerable hours.”

More than 75 years later, many American companies still find creative ways to overwork their employees beyond what is fair, reasonable and healthy.

In Roosevelt’s day, blue-collar jobs, like manufacturing and mining, generated the most cause for concern.…

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Posted on Tuesday, April 15th 2014

17 Reasons You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day

17 Reasons You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day

Chocolate makes us happy in so many ways, but it also does so much more. It can help calm us down, help us bond with people, and help us feel sophisticated (because yes, sometimes we need to create that illusion). It can basically solve all our problems, so we hope it can solve yours too.

In case you needed another good reason to eat chocolate, we’re here to give you 17 reasons you should follow…

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Posted on Monday, April 14th 2014

The 6 Body Parts That Reveal Your Age First

The 6 Body Parts That Reveal Your Age First

We all try to strike that balance between aging gracefully — and not looking as though we’re older than we really are. With age, your skin thins and grows less elastic. As a result, wrinkles, age spots and skin tags become more common. Generally speaking, you can promote healthier skin by bathing in warm — and not hot — water. You should also wear sunscreen and not smoke.

But even if you’ve done…

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Posted on Monday, April 14th 2014

Things To Know Before Skydiving

Things To Know Before Skydiving

1. Is skydiving hard?

No! If you’re skydiving for the first time, you’re probably doing a tandem dive, which is where you’re strapped to another human through a Baby Bjorn-like series of carabiners and knots, and that human throws you out of an airplane. Then he/she free-falls with you for a short while — probably less than a minute, depending on how high you’re jumping from — and pulls the…

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Posted on Saturday, April 12th 2014

Why Tel Aviv Is A Great City

Why Tel Aviv Is A Great City

1. Tel Aviv is small

Tel Aviv is one of those cities that’s very much a city (it’s got nightlife, 24/7 shops, plenty of options for every type of resident) but it’s also very much like a village. The city is walkable when it’s not sweltering hot outside, and it’s certainly not very hard to get around. It’s one of those small cities with a big city heart—where you just might run into your friends…

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Posted on Friday, April 11th 2014

11 Truths About Nutrition

11 Truths About Nutrition

There is a lot of controversy in nutrition. Sometimes it seems like people can’t agree on anything at all.

But there are a few exceptions to this… some nutrition facts that aren’t controversial.

Here are 11 universal truths in nutrition that people actually agree on.

1. Artificial Trans Fats Are Extremely Unhealthy

There is ongoing debate about fats in the diet, but most people agree that trans…

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Posted on Friday, April 11th 2014

10 Most Terrifying Bungee Jumps

10 Most Terrifying Bungee Jumps

Bungee jumping is one of the most thrilling, exciting, and palm sweat-inducing activities there is.

Here are the top 10:

10. Perrine Bridge – 500 Feet

Perrine BridgePRNewsFoto/Red Bull

The first jumps at the Perrine Bridge in Idaho were done by three former U.S. Army Paratroopers in 1987. Since then, the location has evolved to encompass BASE jumping as well.

9. Bhote Kosi River – 524 Feet

nepal bungyWikimedia…

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Posted on Thursday, April 10th 2014

How To Have Productive Morning

How To Have Productive Morning

Falling behind no matter how early you wake up? Here’s how to get focused faster.

As Soon as You Throw off the Covers

woman stretching morning rear

What to do: Pull on extra layers.

What it does: Turning up the heat makes it hard to stay sleepy. Body temperature naturally tends to drop when we’re in the deepest part of our sleep cycle, which is two hours before we wake up, says Rafael Pelayo, MD, a sleep specialist at the…

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Posted on Thursday, April 10th 2014

Italy Travel Tips

Over 46 million tourists visit the boot-shaped peninsula each year! They come from all over the world, and many return again and again for a magic that only Italy can deliver.

Italians are very kind, and extremely patient (unless they’re driving). They are the guardians of some of history’s most magnificent treasures, and they are used to sharing them. However, there are a few things Italians…

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Posted on Thursday, April 10th 2014

Signs Of Disease In The Eye

Signs Of Disease In The Eye

If seeing well isn’t enough of a priority, here’s a better reason to get your vision checked regularly: A third of all known genetic syndromes can affect your eyes.

Your eyeballs can show signs of diabetes, nutritional deficits, cardiovascular disease, and nerve damage, to name a few.

Here are some of the things ophthalmologists look for during an exam.

Abnormally shaped or colored blood vessels…

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Posted on Wednesday, April 9th 2014

The 10 Best Beard Styles

The 10 Best Beard Styles

Beards are great for rubbing when deep in thought; they block the sun from burning your face; they hide neck flab; and they suggest a life free from razor burn.

But while facial hair may be a product of natural processes, beards won’t take a healthy shape without a little help. Trimming, shaping, fading, cleaning, combing and conditioning is all part of the game and changes depending on what…

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Posted on Wednesday, April 9th 2014

The Worst Weight Loss Advice

The Worst Weight Loss Advice

I’ve devoted many columns to debunking nutrition myths, yet it can feel like a Sisyphean battle. The Internet and popular fad diet books spew forth an endless supply of misconceptions when it comes to nutrition – and no more so than in the domain of weight loss. Every day, I meet patients frustrated at their inability to lose weight despite obediently following diet advice they’ve read online or…

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Posted on Tuesday, April 8th 2014

7 Secrets Of Wise People

7 Secrets Of Wise People

Quick — who are the wisest people you know? Chances are they have at least a few things in common: They’re experienced, kind and of a certain age. Wisdom, the thinking generally goes, is hard-earned by putting in your time and piecing together scraps of knowledge along the way.

But maybe a younger person also sprang to mind — someone who, despite his or her relative youth, you regard as genuinely…

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Posted on Tuesday, April 8th 2014